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 Milligan Area Recycling

  • Open every Saturday - weather permitting
  • 9 am give-or-take to dusk
  • Bring your clean and sorted recyclable materials to the Semi-Trailer parked west of the Water Tower on the north side of the street along the old Railroad bed
  • We accept corrugated cardboard, newspaper, magazines, tin cans, aluminum cans, #1 Pete (clear plastic and green), #2 plastic(Milk Jugs) 
  • We do not take glass or cereal boxes and other cardboard like that
  • Please place the items in  the proper bins in the trailer without any wrapping, bags, or boxes
  • There is a separate bin for used brown paper bags.
  • Generally the milk jugs are placed in the large rectangular box at the front of the trailer
  • Newspaper is to be placed in the next 4 bins (2 on eachside from the front)
  • Other items should be placed in the appropriate bins as marked by the like item stuck in the top rim of the bins, i.e. #1 Pete, #2 Pete, tin cans, magazines, etc

Thank you for helping keep our village clean and saving the environment and energy in the process.

The Village does receive funds for some of the materials collected to help offset hauling, insurance, and upkeep of the trailer, but not enough to resort items that are placed in the wrong bin, so please do not impact other person's time by putting your items in the wrong location.